Saturday, January 10, 2009

Live and getting my rant on...

Hello everyone- with this being my first "rant" about the goings on of FREDDY and his Photography World, I will try to keep it short and sweet.... but you already know I won't so deal with it...  :*)

First off- Happy New year to you all, and I hope that everyone made it through the new year parties w/o much drama or any severe jail time...

Starting off the new year of was fun for us here at FPC.  We received the new layouts to the Kane Freisen / Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R shoot we did in Las Vegas with AD/Dave Cho and ACD/Chris Macabitas, and the results looks amazing.  Both of those guys, amongst the account guys, Tom Blinn and Chris Dingman were a blast to work with, and all are very adept with their understanding of the creative process and how to get the results sought.

With the magical design touch of David Cho's- it most certainly did the pictures justice in my opinion.  Also-- many thanks need to go to Michael Gayer for the amazing post production work he did for us on this project.  (On that note; Mike and I are talking about [artnering together in a new venture together which we are thinking of calling it, "Industrial Retouching and Design").  So keep an eye out for our full website of the work we do together.  

Anyway, below is a copy of the Kawasaki ad's done by us all...  Be sure to let us know what you think?  If you're brave enough that is.....

We also heard from Kane Freisen (the pro athlete in the kawasaki ads- see more of him on his site at and he was thoroughly happy with the results of shooting with us, and is now using a few of the pictures on the vinyl wrap of his 40' industrial motorcycle trailer that he travels the country in.  So, stop by his site, check out our pics of him, and follow him on his tour and watch what he does.  It is truly amazing to see him stunt riding his bike.  It is nothing like you have ever seen- trust me!!!  

Also, after shooting for the guys at Kawasaki- one of Kane's other sponsors- Vortex, saw some of the stunt action photos of mine, and now-  will be using some of them in their ads and brochures of him.  One of the layout drafts is below:

Upon returning from all of our holiday travels, parties and gatherings, we received a nice call from our friend- Hide Okano. -(pronounced hee-day )   He's the managing director at INNO, ( ) a rack and accessory company based in LA and HQ'ed in Japan- and he asked us to create a collection of images for their 2009 brochure needs.  So- we packed up the gear again and off we went...  We shot for 2 days at a handful of local secret spots here in Malibu and around the private Hidden Hills area.  On day two, we made our way up to the meandering and majestic rolling hill roads of the Santa Ynez Wine Country.  These locations were at the advice of good friend, and fellow shooter- Rob Dafoe.   None the less, the pictures are stunning and Hide was very happy with the results.  So, thanks to my boys Rob for the hook up on the private stash in his area, and of course to my wonderful better half, Anna Marie for being my wingman and producer on this shoot.  A couple of pictures from the Hidden Hills area attched are below. 

As a quick follow-up to shooting the first collection for INNO, they very much liked the results, and as such- they called us in again to do another series of shoots for them.  This time with their product attached to a collection of 2009 Toyota's- at locations not yet disclosed to us.  So, as we are waiting on the details to that-  when we know more- we will post it here for you to all read about- along with behind the scene pictures from the shoot....

A few other fun details to rant about- just prior to the holidays, we began working with Rick Erkeneff, senior partner at R&D Design in Dana Point, Ca. on a rather large project they have going, and are very much hoping to tell you all about it soon.  It is a very fun production  to be inviuted to work on, and their project is potentially being built amongst 5 motion picture movies.  So- stay tuned on that one as it will be fun to show you all once it goes public...

Also, on a more personal note- but still business.  We have been working with an amazing actress and model- Jill Wedmore from Laguna Beach, Ca.  We're working on her new portfolio, and have done three shoots with her as of this date.  She is an amazing young lady, very adept at working in front of the lens and has a very bright future in the world of acting and modeling.  Below is one of the many sets we did with Jill, and we all wish her an amazing 2009 and beyond.  So, look out for her in many magazines and catalogues throughout the year- or more from other shoots we do with her...

Also, my new 2009 coffee-table style portfolios are being printed and should be in circulation in the next week or so, so for many of you that want to review large scale pictures of my work for any of your upcoming projects, please let me know- as they're sure to look amazing, and will take our presentations to the next level...  

In the event you'd like to see the news books, or just connect with us for your production needs, you can either contact me directly at under my contact page, or with my agent, Lynn Lamoine at or 323.467.9730

Okay- that's it for now- i'll jump off and talk with you all later...

Thanks again for stopping by,




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  2. Hey Freddie,

    Great blog and as always incredible photos! When do we get the blog from your snowboarding days?


    Jack Coghlan

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