Monday, March 16, 2009

The brothers from Chip & Pepper Jeans Company

In a random passing on a tiny "locals only" beach access road here in Malibu a few weeks back, Anna Marie and I ran into Chip Foster, (one half of the infamous twin-brother team of Chip & Pepper Jeans Co.) and as we stood there checking for surf, we began to ramble on about C&P's new 2009 premium denim collections, of which subsequently Anna Marie had worked on, and that they needed someone to shoot the new collection.  What a chance meeting, right?  

Well, that immediately turned into Chip and I mumbling over ideas of what to do for the shoot and our brief encounter concluded with me needing to connect with his Marketing/PR girl Kim Anguiano to set everything up the next morning.  

As Kim and I bounced calls and emails back and forth for a week or so, all turned out that we would shoot an "urban jungle" theme in downtown LA by the old warehouses and railroad tracks.  

Fast forward a week or so to this past weekend, and it was set, a final production call time to our shoot.   We had four models, all the stylists one could ask for, a massive wardrobe truck, assistants, etc... it was all there for us.   Both Chip and Pepper, with family in tow was on set as well for the activities.  All in all, it was a great production that provided wonderful results...

After hours of run-and-gun shooting, we wrapped our shoot and were on our way to post production of the nearly 1200 images we created.  This is a sample of what we did, so be sure to look out for the actual C&P Jeans Ads, their catalogs and the tons of press sure to be in magazines in the near future.  Also, be sure to follow Chip & Peppers blog at , or be sure to check their website at


Stay tuned for more updates on my mad mad mad world as I have a pretty full schedule coming up in the next couple of months........

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